The course aims to provide the student with the appropriate methods and procedures to process the data and convert it into information, as well as assess the reliability of the conclusions drawn from the sample and guide the decision-making process in the context of a Christian worldview. Students will be competent in the computer analysis of data sets using SPSS Statistics Software and Excel. Topics for discussion are: Introduction to Statistics, Statistical Estimation and Confidence Intervals, Sampling Methods. Parametric Hypothesis Testing: One/Two-Sample Test of Hypothesis, ANOVA and Post Hoc Multiple Comparison Tests, Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). Nonparametric Test: Mann Whitney U, Kruskal Wallis H, Wilcoxon, McNemar, Friedman, Spearman’s rho. Association between variables measured at the Interval-Ratio Level: Correlation and Regression Theory. Multivariate Techniques: Partial Correlation, Multiple Regression Analysis, and Logistic Regression.