This module is a practical exploration of the speaking through competent articulation and correct production of English sounds. Correct sound production will be the main focus and emphasis. The course covers sessions of practical and everyday life challenging contexts and areas of formal English Language usage.

The module consists of activities in and outside class aimed at equipping learners with linguistically competent skills needed in the field for life long purposes. Through speaking practices in class, the course will introduce learners to a wide range of speaking experiences both formal and informal settings. Students will have to speak and present in front of the class and other areas of linguistic exploits. Therefore, the major goal is to create a society where English speaking capabilities can be harnessed by each and every individual to increase his/her potential to succeed in their professional and personal life. The course will also seek to liberate the students from their inabilities to communicate in the formal and corporate language, which is English. All the above activities will be supervised by the lecturer.

The module aims at developing skills in speaking, critical thinking and reasoning and all areas of competence and sound production both in formal and informal settings. In order to achieve this, the following specific objectives must be attained:


        i.            Frame grammatically correct sentences in English.

      ii.            Fluently speak in English in any situation. 

    iii.            Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings.

    iv.            Able to present your thought’s more effectively.

      v.            Present yourself more confidently in personal interviews.

    vi.            Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings. 

  vii.            Speak in Neutral Accent and also pick-up UK/US Accent

  viii.            Acquaint learners with modern errors that enter the learner’s language system while learning English as a foreign language.

    ix. Make the learners aware of the peculiarities of English Language.