The aim of the course is to enlighten learners with the understanding of the importance of studying geography, the various concepts and approaches used in geography, and how geography as a course evolved and how it relates to other sciences. Topics comprising the course are:

1. The meaning of geography,

2. Importance of Geography,

3. Concepts and approaches used in the study of Geography

4. Schools and branches of Geography

5. Relationship between Geography and other sciences

6. The evolution of Geography

7. Relationship between man and environment(determinism, possibilism and their criticisms)

8. Quantification and its importance in Geography

Learning outcomes

at the end of the course, learners should be able to:

1.Explain the meaning of Geography

2.List the importance of studying Geography 

3. Explain the different concepts and approaches used in the study of Geography

4. Highlight  the schools and branches of geography

5. Show the relationship between geography and other sciences

6. Describe how man interacts with the environment

7. Explain the importance of quantification in Geography