This course of Soil Science aims at equipping learners with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of understanding the processes of soil formation, types, classification, properties, location, erosion and conservation. Topics to cover include:-Soil definition; importance of soil; basic concepts; soil genetic factors and processes; soil composition and properties; soil profiles and horizons; soil types and taxonomy; soil localization; soil erosion and its effects; soil conservation measures. At the end of the course, learners should be able to:

1.Know the definition and meaning of soil

2. List and define the main concepts used in soil science

3. Describe the soil genetic factors and processes

4. Explain soil composition and properties

5. Differentiate different soil profiles and horizons 

6. Understand and differentiate different soil types and their classifications

7. Localize different soil types on the world map

8. Explain soil erosion, types, causes and its effects on soil

9. Demonstrate how soil is conserved

10. Explain the Importance of soil to living things

11. Compile a field study report