I.          Course Description

Entrepreneurship as a course is intended to inspire students on how to create, finance, manage and take on a new venture. It aims to develop the capacity for innovation, investment and expansion in a new markets, products, and techniques. At the end of this course students should elaborate and present a business plan of his/her own choice and the elaboration of business plan will help students to be acquainted with the skill of business plan preparation and its implementation.

I.            Nature of the Subject

Starting and operating a new business involve considerable risk and effort to overcome the inertia against creating something new. In creating and growing a new venture, the entrepreneur assumes the responsibility and risks for its development and survival and enjoys the corresponding rewards. The fact that consumers, business people, and government officials are interested in entrepreneurship is shown in the increasing research on the subject, the large number of university courses and seminars on entrepreneurship. Around 200,000 jobs are created every year, the significant coverage and focus by the media, and the realization that this is an important topic for industrialized, developing, and once-controlled economies.