I.       General information

1.  Faculty:                                    Education

2.  Department:                           History

3.  Course Name:                         HIST 225 History of Africa in the 20thC                        

4.  Number of credits:                3

5.  Semester:                                1st Semester: October – January

6.  Academic Year:                      2020/ 2021

7.  Course Instructor:                 Patrick Gatsinzi

8.  Course Venue/Time:  Wednesday,  8h00-10h30: Masoro campus

9.  Consultation Time:                Wednesday, 11h00-12h00, in the Faculty of Education

Course purpose 

The aim of this course is to equip learners with the critical knowledge and analysis of what took place in in the 20th Century. the main content focus/topics will be:- the organisation of African states/ kingdoms before the coming of the colonialists; the scramble of and partition of Africa by the European colonizers; the colonial systems of administration; the colonial impositions; impacts of colonialism on the African societies; reactions to the colonial rule/ African resistance movements; the first world war and its impact on Africa; The second world war and its impact on Africa; the rise of African nationalism/independence movements; great personalities, political parties and the road to independence; and the post-indepence Africa (characteristics).

Expected learning outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

1.      Describe how Africa was organized before the coming of the European imperial powers

2.      Know why Africa was colonized by the European powers

3.      Understand the impact of colonialism on African societies.

4.      Assess how Africans responded to colonialism.

5.      Discuss the first world war in Africa and its impacts on African societies 

6.      Explain the second world war in Africa and its effects on the African societies

7.      Explain factors that led to the rise of African nationalism

8.      Know great African personalities and their contribution to Africa's independence

9.      Describe how Africans gained independence.

10.      Explain what characterized the post-independence African states.

Learning activities

Learners do group and individual assignments, do quizzes, mid-term and final semester exams, discuss the course content via forum and chat

Assessment Strategy/Assessment Pattern]



Formative & Summative Evaluation on cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor competencies



CATS {Continuous Assessment Tests}


During the Semester


Quiz, individual assignments, group presentations 


Attitudes & Values: responsibility,  participation, honesty, etc


Mid-Semester Exam




Final Exam






Strategy for feedback and Student Support during the Course:

Results of student assignments, quizzes and exams will be returned to them after marking/grading them.  This will be done in order for them to check their academic progress. Besides, sessions of revision have been set aside so that the teacher helps students in their revisions and they ask questions where they didn’t clearly understand.

Learning resources

Journal articles, books, maps, photos, pictures computer/smartphone, projectors, zoom, markers, etc.